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I decided to venture from the darker side and post a triple drabble comedy. Hope it has the desired effect.

Casey Strikes Out

Casey Strikes Out – Strike One

Well… look at those! Nipples clearly visible beneath a skin-tight shirt. As well as a truly exquisite set of curves.

It was those curves that caught the ADA's gaze, unconsciously mapping them, faltering only when she reached Olivia's dark brown stare. Her throat constricted, as images from earlier fantasies exploded out of her subconscious. All coherent thought ceased.

"Casey, you alright? Earth to Casey."

Finally, collecting her scattered thoughts (and closing her mouth), she was able to respond.

Focus Casey!

"I was heading over to the batting cages, if you’ve finished your shift you’re welcome to join me."

“Ah, no thanks, I don’t swing that way.”

Casey Strikes Out – Strike Two

What does she mean “I don’t swing that way?” I could teach her how to swing a bat. And I bet she could teach me a thing or two – hubba hubb… oof!

“Shit Casey, watch where you’re going!”

“Oh God, Olivia, I’m sorry! Here, let me help you with that.”

Ooh, wet skin-tight shirt… :: pant :: pant ::

“Hey, what the hell… get your hands off me!”

“I’m really sorry Olivia! I’ve got an extra T-shirt in my gym bag if you’re interested.”

“Look Casey, I don’t know what… Listen I’m already spoken for, OK?”

Casey Strikes Out – Strike Three

Huh “already spoken for?” I was only offering to lend her a T-shirt! How am I supposed to know she already has an extra one.

“Hey Liv. What happened? You got a hole in your mouth or somethin’?”

“Yuk it up Stabler. Casey happened!”

“Did she drool all over you? Poor baby.”

“Shut it, she’s headed this way.”

“Hi Elliot, hey Olivia, Sorry about your shirt. Let me buy you lunch to make up for it?”

Jesus! “Come over here for a minute. Listen Casey, you know Elliots been kinda down lately. How about you make it up to me by taking him out for lunch?”

“OK. Oh Elliot…”