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SVU100 Lost and Found Challenge

I was feeling a bit prolific today, so here are two more that together make up a Found and a Lost for this challenge. These are bits of a much longer story I am working on.


Paperwork. Trifling. Paperwork. Frivolous. Headache. Paperwork. Dull. Olivia Benson's bleary mind chanted. Had she mentioned paperwork?

Olivia undid another button on her shirt, about to shuffle through the next stack, when she squinted in reflex. The words had been reduced to shadowy blurs.

The room was suddenly suffused by hushed lighting, as if pre-ordered and packaged from romance central.

"What--" Olivia cursed.

"Problem, Olivia?"

"Yeah, I--" Olivia 's raised head found the striking form of the counselor in a power suit, charcoal grey, perfectly tailored, and curving in all the right places. And then some. She raised her brows. "Going somewhere?"

"I’ll leave you to decide on the definition of 'somewhere'."


Olivia had never wanted to be an inanimate, four-legged furniture item before, but right now she was more than willing to empty out all her bank accounts just to be the one that the blonde’s thighs were moving against. Just. Like. That.

As soon as her eyes closed there Alex Cabot would be, clad in only a low-cut black satin bra, high-cut panties and equally high heels, gliding sexily to that music. Opening her eyes did little for her cause as the blonde would be sitting on her lap, her full breasts brushing against Olivia's, nimble hands undoing the brunette's clothes…

At one time this memory sustained her – brought her joy. Now it became a daily ritual conjured up to dispel the lonliness that threatened to consume her.