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[art] Gleebigbang 2012: Pieces

I chose to create art for this fic because I love me some Pezberry and the premise of his ic intrigued me. I hope I have done the fic justice.

Title: Pieces
Author: collisionsphere
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Rachel/Santana, Shelby, Puck, Quinn, Brittany
Warnings: Nothing too bad except strong language and some sexual content.
Summary: It's set in season 3. Rachel thought her life would be normal, and it seemed like it would. Until one day she starts to feel some changes in her, and she doesn't know what they are. However, Shelby notices and tries to help by telling Rachel exactly what's happening to her and what she is, a werewolf, but Rachel doesn't believe her. Then she turns for the first time and after that the reality of what she is sinks in and she feels more like a monster than a human being.

She tries to shut people out and she doesn't know what to do anymore, but help comes from someone unexpected. It's Santana who helps her out and makes her feel human again, and soon their friendship turns into something else, and Rachel has to learn how to deal with being a werewolf and having feelings for Santana.

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Santana loves her wolf

Rachel and Shelby morph into their wolf forms