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By Special Request

This drabble has been written at the request of, and specifically for, grdnofevrythng Congratulations! By responding to my meme you’ve earned yourself a 100 word drabble for the fandom of your choice!

Is It Real?

Is this really happening? I’ve often heard people say that during a moment of pure emotion they feel as if they are dreaming and will – at any moment – awake to find it wasn’t real. I’d always laughed at that, I mean it seemed so ridiculous to think you could truly lose yourself like that. Yes, past tense, because I find myself hoping with every ounce of my being that this is real – that the hands unbuttoning my blouse are really there – that the smoky brown eyes staring into my soul are truly filled with a desire that matches my own.


Now, my parts done so don’t forget your end of the bargain… Post the associated meme in your journal and I'll choose a drabble for you to write for me.