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What have I posted to LJ?

I decided, for my own benefit, to gather the urls to everything I've posted on LJ. Then I thought why not post that as an entry in my journal and just add to it as I go. An added benefit is that the few who visit my journal can get a look at some of my writing and PhotoShopping.

The Master List
A work in progress.
 Pick a fandom: L&O:SVU    CSI    Stargate SG1    Facts of Life    Popular     Babylon 5     Miscellaneous
 As posted in communities devoted to Alex/Olivia from Law and Order: SVU
 Long Fics

Happy Birthday To Me An homage to Stephanie March's birthday - Liv surprises Alex and Alex returns the favor. 
Posted 7/21/2005 and is in 4 Parts. Complete

Eligantly Inelligant Sometimes even the most together people aren't. 
Posted 8/26/2005 in 5 Parts. Complete

Dancing Around the Issues We must face our demons in order to move forward.
Posted 11/1/2005 in 7 Parts so far. Ongoing

Centerfold Guess who? 
Posted 12/9/2005. Complete

Underneath It All What lies just beneath the surface? 
Posted 1/3/2006 in 5 Parts. Complete

 Short Fics

As You Wish Olivia asks and Alex delivers. 
Posted 7/8/2005. Complete

All She Had Left What's left when you've lost everything? Posted 7/12/2005.

Unexpected A dinner date turns out unexpectedly. 
Posted 7/29/2005. Complete

How Does That Feel? Short and fun! Oh, and guess the sport? 
Posted 8/18/2005. Complete

I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You OK, I admit it, when Casey first came on the show I was not a happy camper. I've calmed a bit since then and I must say - you can't blame the girl for finding Liv hot! But still.... 
Posted 8/18/2005. Complete

Shadow Boxer A photo manipulation and song-fic in one. 
Posted 9/20/2005. Complete

It Ain't Her My take on the whole Oliska thing. 
Posted 10/4/2005. Complete

Metaphorical Warnings: Other than the fact that it's Alex/Casey there is bondage and switching. 
Posted 11/11/2005. Complete

The Mistletoe Zone The office Holiday party gets interesting. 
Posted 12/15/2005. Complete

Take A Chance You'd be surprised at what could happen. Posted 2/22/2006. Complete



Casey Strikes Out Swing Batta Batta - Three strikes and you're out! A triple
drabble comedy. Posted 7/11/2005. Complete 

Sweet Blonde Piece of Ass (I and II) Written for a dirty drabble challenge. Warning - use of the "c" word. 
Posted 7/14/2005. Complete

Like Soldiers In A War This one is a bit deep and, I hope, thought provoking.
Posted 7/20/2005. Complete

My Own Private War A first kiss story. 
Posted 7/25/2005. Complete

By Definition Life's dictionary. Drabble. 
Posted 10/5/2005. Complete

No Contest Getting a reaction. Drabble. 
Posted 10/18/2005. Complete

Comfort, Food, Sex The title speaks for itself. Drabble. 
Posted 5/8/2006. Complete

Her Name Metamorphosis of a plot bunny. 
Posted 6/27/2006. Complete

Common Ground Kindred Spirits
Posted 9/11/2006. Complete

Error In Judgment Oops. Drabble. 
Posted 10/20/2005. Complete

Munch's Law Murphy's Law Munch style. Drabble. Posted 10/31/2005. Complete

In Her Dreams A very random pairing? Drabble. Posted 11/3/2005. Complete

Dots Per Inch A photo remembered. 
Posted 1/23/2006. Complete

Catholic School Girl Uniforms Memories. Drabble. Posted 3/1/2006. Complete

Forever Changed Change doesn't always take place on the surface. Drabble.
Posted 3/7/2006. Complete

A/O Drabbles A group of four 100 word drabbles. Posted 3/22/2006. Complete

The Sweetest Verse An attempt at poetry. 
Posted 3/28/2006. Complete

That's What She Said A little fun. Drabble. 
Posted 4/19/2006. Complete

Dark A dark drabble. 
Posted 8/8/2006. Complete


PhotoShop = Love A couple of photo manipulations. Posted 7/25/2005. Complete

Banner The results of a bit of fooling around in PhotoShop. Posted 8/3/2005. Complete

Color Bars First attempt at creating color bars. Posted 8/23/2005. Complete

Underneath It All - Illustrated A photo manipulation for the story of the same name. 
Posted 1/5/2006. Complete

Missing Have you seen her? A photo manipulation. 
Posted 11/2/2005. Complete

Touch Me A photo manipulation you'll just want to touch. 
Posted 10/18/2005. Complete

Happy Holidays What would you like for Christmas little girl? Photo manipulation.
Posted 12/12/2005. Complete

 As posted in communities devoted to Sara Sidle and Sofia Curtis of CSI Las Vegas
 Long Fics
Cold Shoulder Sometimes ignorance can turn into bliss.
Posted 1/13/2006 in 5 Parts. Ongoing
 Short Fics
Prioritizing the Collection of Evidence Putting CSI procedure to good use.
Posted 1/16/2006. Complete
Challenge #3 A parody of the shower scene from Grey's Anatomy
Posted 2/20/2006. Complete
Subornation of Perjury Challenge #5 False Witness
Posted 4/25/2006. Complete
Stop Teasing A debt fulfilled
Posted 5/18/2006
Tying Up the Laces My take on the season finale
Posted 5/25/2006 Complete
My Life For the State of Undress Ficathon
Posted 9/15/2006. Complete

Dying Declaration Challenge #4 Death
Posted 3/3/2006. Complete

  As posted in communities devoted to Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser of Stargate SG1
  As posted in communities devoted to Jo Polniaczek and Blair Warner of The Facts of Life
  As posted in communities devoted to Sam McPherson and Brooke McQueen of Popular
  As posted in communities devoted to Susan Ivanova and Talia Winters of Babylon 5
  As posted every where else